Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick kid...

You know what happens when you have a sick kid? Not much. But he's off to school now and I need to catch up on laundry and quilting. I'm supposed to be going to HMQS this weekend, as long as nobody else gets sick!

I'm in the middle of a really fun "Americana" quilt, and I'm getting excited to pull out my red, white, and blue decor. I like to keep it out from Memorial Day 'til September 11th.

I'd also love to see any homemade projects that anyone might have going on for Mother's Day...send me a link!

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V and Co. said...

i hate it when kids are sick.
i also hate forgetting to look at other peoples blogs and then have to leave a bazillion comments cause i slack so bad! sorry i've been not such a great friend in the "blog" world. but i'm glad we have the hours upon hours phone call conversations! ;)